EURES-T Pannonia Cross-Border Partnership 2016


Project reference number: VS/2015/0268

Project period: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2016

Project partners: Ministry for National Economy of Hungary, Arbeitsmarktservice Burgenland, BFI Burgenland, Magyar Szakszervezeti Szövetség, Vas Megyei Iparszövetség, Industriellenvereinigung Burgenland, Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut der WK Burgenland


EURES-T Pannonia was founded in 2009 after a preparatory phase of more than two years. The partnership covers the area of East Austria and Western Hungary: the territory of Burgenland Province, eastern regions of Lower Austria, Eastern Styria and in Western Hungary the territory of Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala counties.


General objectives of EURES-T Pannonia:

  • balancing regional labour market supply and demand
  • supporting labour mobility
  • contributing to the comprehensibility of the vocational and advanced training system and to its joint development
  • contributing to a joint economic region with common organisations and a harmonized labour market


Aimes of EURES-T Pannonia:

  • providing special information to employees / employers in order to help them find a job / suitable workforce in the neighboring countries
  • creating a bilingual cross-border labour market databank
  • informing on living and working conditions in the neighboring countries and offering consulting services respectively
  • initiating a dialogue between industrial participants and social partners, as a bridge-forming organization
  • promoting and supporting of joint labour market projects and initiatives of the cross-border


General and specific activies:


This project has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020).


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